Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Guest List: Janie Hermann

Your are not alone Liz -- I too am excited about having a bit of time to catch up on my reading during my travels to and from New Orleans (I could not get a direct flight and so I have layovers in Chicago each way, how ironic is that?).

Here is what is I have packed for my NOLA excursion:

Blue Water by A. Manette Ansay simply because I have read and loved everything she has written ever since I met her during a visit to Sewanee back in 1996. I know she won’t disappoint me and is my “sure bet” for the trip.

A Land of Sheltered Promise by Jane Kirkpatrick based purely upon the recommendation of a patron. It is not my “usual read”, but I am making a renewed effort in pushing myself to expand my reading list beyond my own preferences in order to provide better reader’s advisory. My resolution is to read something new from every genre at least a few times per year (so if anyone can recommend some recent Science Fiction for me I would appreciate it as I have probably read less than a dozen SciFi books in my lifetime).

I am also taking the ARC’s of Meg Cabot’s Queen of Babble and Gary Shteyngart’s Absurdistan. Great minds think alike -- I also want to be able to ditch the book and not cart it home again once done so I chose these because they are ARCs that I have been wanting to read for a few weeks now just never had time. The first because I am curious to see how Meg Cabot’s writing style translates from a YA to adult audience and the other because of the influence of several reviews I read last week (and also because I loved Shteyngart’s The Russian Debutante's Handbook ).

I also have several magazines at the ready, both professional and mass media, including the last three issues of People magazine for unwinding at the end of busy conference days -- when I am too tired to really read and just need to escape in to pop culture for bit.

Janie Hermann, Technology Training Librarian, Princeton Public Library, Princeton, NJ


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