Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Waiting for a Book That Does Not Exist [Yet]

The New York Times has a weekly column in its Sunday Style section entitled "Modern Love". It features a different writer each week. I must admit that as a working mother my opportunities to read the Sunday Times are few and far between, but on special occasions, like Mother's Day or something, I will buy it, or when he's trying to be nice, my husband will grab it for me.

The May 14 installment really gripped me. Entitled "A Winter of Discontent, Then Along Comes Baby", [registration required] this essay is amazingly well written. I would dare to say it's actually poetic. It talks about motherhood in such a sophisticated way, honoring it, warts and all, in a way I think I rarely see. So the writer is Katherine Ozment, and her little blurb says she is working on a collection of essays about motherhood. (Let me just say I love books of essays and seek them out whenever I can. One of my absolute favorite books is Lucy Grealy's "As Seen on TV: Provocations") I checked amazon and can find no sign of her or her book. In the meantime, I will keep waiting and watching for it.


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